Accumulative stray thoughts – Entry for 1/20/15


Byron and the Elephant ladies are officially dead; no funeral will be held – a photo commemoration service will be held somewhere in the near future.

Right now, I feel like I own pretty much everything (Superficial) that I could have ever wanted…Except more sparkles. I’m not even thinking about professional lighting gear or a Treadmill. Why?

I bought a couple teacups off of eBay like the crazy person I am to finally get that nagging ‘want’ gone and done with. Its not the cobalt blue I wanted, but its close enough…I also have two other cups pending – I KINDA hope I’m outbidded. I get the feeling it wont happen.

I went two weeks without eating any frozen food; the other day I ate a soy burger with some frozen broccoli and wasn’t impressed. I use to live off meals like this and look forward to them! I’m seriously beginning to question what have I been eating in the past two weeks besides cheese where I was excited.

It’s the pickled Daikon I bet. I wonder if I just dump some fresh veg into vinegar – how thrilled will I be to eat it? While I reused the solution for cabbage and it taste wonderful, all this pickled food though isn’t healthy for my tooth enamel.

Talking about gums, I should go get some blood work done to concrete my assumptions on what is missing from my diet to result in regressing gums and tender gums. The days I take Green source multi vitamins, my gums go back to ‘normal’. The days I take a generic brand multi vitamin – it does not help regression.

I haven’t figured out fully if it’s iron related either, I’ll take my multi (18mg) plus half a iron supplement (32mg) and no real improvement except constipation. JOY!

Of course you normal people would just go to a dentist already; I’m not afraid. It really just boils down to trust – and who really wants to pay for the dentist? Its not a easy 85 dollars you might pay to visit a MD (uninsured).

I also have to get a cavity re-filled + have the adjacent molar covered. The quartz filling has thinned out considerably, its not sensitive but it would be done just for peace of mind.

My mother’s teeth I remember were never white. I always considered them kind of opaque like versus dark yellow to almost brown of my fathers. I think the opaqueness is caused by acid erosion and lack of calcium? Drinking tea?

If you heard someone mention their social security number; would you plot to ACTIVELY use it? How about just remembering the numbers? I hate how thin this APT’s walls are! While I haven’t heard anyone’s social – I’ve had to recite mine a couple times for banking purposes.

I admit I am a selfish, greedy bastard who gets jealous all the time. Just cause I don’t say it daily or act on these impulses does not mean I am a good person for holding the door for you; I like to consider my alignment more of chaotic – neutral.

I want to play D & D but have no one to play with nor have I played in a while. I’ve found a online group but failed to really check it out because they meet up in a public place to play instead of going to alternating houses. I am so not interested in play acting my character in public – they are always deformed mental beings with a warped moral compass.

I realized because my username is ‘unfriendly’ sounding – No, I didn’t just realize this – I just remembered it. How did I come to this conclusion? While I played Ragnarok Online (PS Vita version), I used the name ‘Bad touch’ for a character and she ALWAYS was overlooked or ignored! When I used my usual name, people were more friendly and my rooms always filled up. This depresses me slightly but I don’t feel like ‘rebranding’ my internet personality again.

Tech neck? I heard this phrase yesterday. Its from always looking down while using your technological devices, in turn creating a turkey neck because you aren’t using your neck muscles properly. Under my neck was never THAT tight but I can’t go gobble-gobble so I think I’m good.

So far 2015’s color pallet is cold based colors favoring the blue hue. If I were allowed to paint a living space, I always wanted a nice blue room. Not a light color, I’m talking a bright shade of navy with warm stained wood and nice plaster work. I should have recycled my college credits and went into interior design.

I should make a Glossary/ Appendix…Cept I gotta scratch.

I just vacuumed the floor and its still provoking my allergies. YES RETURN OF HIVEGIRL!

Excuse me, I need to buzz around this Apt in a itchy like manner while harassing Bear with some scissors.

-Bad touch Bear



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