Accumulative stray thoughts – Entry for 1/19/15


Linda Rosenberg has a bill in Albany to stop declawing cats. A bit nutty but I stand by it; it goes along the same logic of docking a dogs tail but WORSE because they are cutting off the cat’s first knuckle.

If you dislike cat’s clawing your furniture you REALLY shouldn’t have adopted a pet; think plush toys instead since all animals have destructive quirks.

While Gma makes pillow blockades to prevent Bear from clawing furniture I HONESTLY sit back and just let him claw the couch since I find it so repulsive. Brown should have NEVER been allowed in furniture options unless its a wood or rich thick leather.

I wasn’t fast enough and the corner store put away their Christmas goodies. I honestly think its for the best but – I LOVE YOU TINSEL, WE WILL MEET AGAIN AND I WILL DO SOMETHING STUPID IN PUBLIC. Its a promise.

What is with the caps? I’ve had meat in almost every meal except breakfast – maybe that’s why.

2014 right??? RIGHT?! When the new year arrived I said ‘Happy 2015’ a couple times to some people and it felt wrong. I’m no longer a space cadet, I’m a friggin time traveler since I somehow think this is 2014 still… Because of that I generally say I’m ‘Not 40 yet, but I feel I am’ since its too burdensome to remember how to do simple math.

Molasses is a acquired taste, like eating chocolate malt balls. Somehow I’ve learned to cope with the flavor in my morning Wheatena just for the added Calcium boost.

Who has time to make eggs in the morning? In the morning I rarely want to cook something and if I do cook, it’ll be a hot cereal that I can shovel in my mouth when I’m done freaking out about the time.

I really like the smell of coffee but I’m not to fond of drinking it; Don’t you realize even without milk it gets you bad breath? Black btw, and no sugar.

When someone looks at you in public but you find them disinteresting or ugly what is the best facial response? Its not stare back is it? I think I’ve been doing it wrong for probably my whole life.

What if you find them pleasant to look at? Sexy? And at this point hey ARE looking at you? I’m guessing staring blankly is the wrong answer too. For some reason ‘smile’ isn’t on my top 10 responses to strangers.

I am not a hot tamale, I am more like a honeyed milk chocolate. Which would also make me allergic to myself since milk is the enemy.

Hate when I look out of the corner of my eye thinking I’m seeing a silloute; but its more annoying while the lights are on and I only see ‘things’ in one eye.

Thank god no religious people go door to door in this APT building; then again the neighborhood has turned from Russian > Chinese > Middle eastern, Pakistani. I’m not complaining since I enjoy the diverse food options.

To work retail in this area you need to speak a second language. Seriously. Unless it is a corporation/franchise that is known through USA;  I should get a ‘hiring sign’ photograph to prove a point.

On someone’s blog they mentioned ‘getting in their weekly photo fix’…Photography is really like drugs to me. Its so addicting and I feel amazing afterwards….Kinda like exercise.

I’ve actually NEVER done drugs.


I haven’t done a lot of things that normal children/people do or have experienced; I’m pretty sure if I dormed in college I would have never been ‘wild’ anyway. People are just too noisy and drunk…Altho I DO wish I came across drunken people to play pranks on.

I got unlucky. I followed a new recipe for pickling but failed to taste the veg before the process. No matter how much sugar used, it wouldn’t make this particular specimen taste good – bastard taste like a turnip; which it is.

Are snacking peas are fried? They remind me mostly of fried channa (Chickpeas).

Hemp? Broccoli leaves, tiger nuts. seaweed, coconut water, veggies with yogurt…Grandma’s shitty loud phone rang and I missed the segment of 2015 food trends because the phone is REALLY MINDBOGGLING LOUD.

French’s spicy brown VS Gould’s. Gould’s simply because of vinegar content and I just LOVE how it tends to leak all over (myself).

If offered bread or pizza – and this bread is one of those nice loaf hard breads, I’d pick the bread…Of course then I’d try and eat half the bread with something odd like mustard only.

Yay for MLK day – BOO because I have banking business to do…I seriously don’t recall there ever being such discounts in stores for MLK…It might have to do with how poor the consumer reports are in the beginning of the year.

TD Ameritrade is total shit. I opened an account in March or May 2013 and after all the losses, I’ve barely made 400. I COULD HAVE MADE MORE IN A HIGH INTEREST BANK ACCOUNT!

I was given a box of chocolate. What idiot gives me a box of chocolate??? Needless to say I ate the top half tray in one day, actually there is one piece left..

I want a new cup since I see there are sales but do I REALLY need the not so expensive 16 dollar mug? Just cause it’s textured doesn’t mean I should own it.

I kinda also want a 3Doodler but really its a not so sticky glue gun; the things accomplished with it I can do with clay! It’ll be like that stupid engraver pen I bought I bet, used 4 times tops.

Ahh, Bear needs water – he is incapable of sticking his head IN the bowl. It is funny to watch him drink though, he hits the outside of container to check for liquid.

I never know how to end entries like these…

-Bad touch Bear


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