Friday Five Showcase 1/16/15


Cookies and Tea 1 by EdibleShoes

This past week I’ve been really active on my *Blog, also visiting/reading other blogs. Blogging-U says ‘no Blog is a island’, I’m easily getting lost in myself to where I forget that if I want to start a conversation it has to happen somewhere else. Greedy people, making me get up and branch out, my blog has cookies dammit!

Splendid Fairy Wren Perth Hills Korung National Park

Splendid Fairy-wren written by

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I think I’ve featured iAMsafari before he became a watcher – I honestly love the whole blog; pretty pictures, I learn something and there is diversity. Anything Australia will peak my interest since I recall that chunk of land starting out as a penal colony for criminals and most of the continent is still ‘wild’. This particular entry was only chosen because, ‘Baby sees pretty blue bird – Kill it so I can harvest feathers.’ A normal person would think preservation wouldn’t they? Wish this entry had more photos of that species of bird.

January-12-2015-at-1108pm by thewhirlwinddrivesuson

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I just found this blog recently while viewing the photography section; thewirlwinddrivesuson – Sounds romantic doesn’t it? This particular picture has wonderful composition! I don’t know if the owner of the blog knows about composition/leading lines/etc but most of the photos are eye-pleasing. In the center of this photo, its actually two people standing there; I thought it was some sort of animal so being tricked in turn made me look at the rest of the blog. Their most recent entry for today was nice looking as well. Wish I traveled but traveling alone is depressing.


Recipe for stuffed pepper with mashed sweet potato by floordeboor

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While the name is interesting of this person, floordeboor, the whole blog I find inspiring because it sounds honest. I honestly have zero interest in working out with weights yet the advice offered seems sound and the writer is committed to their blog and lifestyle; I’ve come to this conclusion from photos offered. We eat with our eyes – yes, but sometimes my eyes see words and don’t want to read. Seeing a picture of her portioned meals made me realize while I sit down for a meal they are in no way planned and prepared as I would like to think. Not only do I feel challenged in a positive way, the owner of the blog seems to reply to everyone’s comments and her entries are well constructed.

The Elements of Style

Diversify Your Writing! by story medic

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Talking about writing, authors and editors is my newest interest – storymedic. I honestly just like yelling in my head, ‘MEDIC!’, its from a video game with guns which has nothing to do with this blog. I’m not too sure why this person began watching me – but I’m grateful since I learned something last night or I think I did. Either way the owner of the blog seems friendly too; I need to surround myself with ‘smart’ or more like ‘correct’ people. When I say something like that I mean people who have knowledge and share it to nurture others, they aren’t going to feed you incorrect information or what they think is right by assumption like I would. Since I follow by example instinctively, reading a blog by a editor must mean some of his grammatical sense will rub off…Right? I hope so, I own somewhere in a box two books on writing/grammar, I don’t consult them. Honestly after a period of two years I’m prone to forget something I learned – Its not brain damage, then again never know. One of them I just bought because the cover was well designed, Syn/Syntax a red and black book that went over my head. {For more writing tips, visit here}

I think a bit of my errors come from writing while thinking and not actively looking to correct myself – the whole instant gratification of pushing that publish button.


Let The Bodies Hit The Floor by underdaddy

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When I saw the title of this piece a hard rock song was already playing in my head; I didn’t think this entry would be about the aftermath of Christmas. Then again children are little savages, ALL of underdaddy’s entries make me laugh because of his children’s antics. They aren’t the savage, whiny brats that I’m use to. Yet this entry really had me laughing, perhaps because Lincoln logs were mentioned or how one of the kids…Y’know this is really one of those entries you should read and I shouldn’t spoil. His entries are always well thought out, well written and ALWAYS have comedy. I wonder how is wife is doing currently (Some sort of surgery) and how ‘Ladybug’s ear infection is playing out. My father blamed ear infections for his lack of hearing – MAN he was deaf.


I just noticed every showcased piece included a photo and compliment over writing. Last time I did a showcase it was just photography so logically it should be about the content.

Thanks for reading,

Bad touch Bear


3 thoughts on “Friday Five Showcase 1/16/15

  1. “Children are savages..” So true. Thanks for the gracious write-up and thanks for giving info on other blogs. I barely get time to write and feel like I neglect half of the social agreement of reading others. We are all works-in-progress. 🙂


  2. I appreciate this, and I started following you because I’m a Hikikomori myself. Also, I’ve definitely played the video game you’re referring to! It is either Battlefield 4 or one of the Medal of Honor titles.


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