Accumulative stray thoughts – Entry for 1/14/15


I wonder, if I disable the ‘Like’ feature on my blog – how much will that affect my confidence?

The Japanese people consider pickled foods a pallet cleanser; thus they pickle root vegetables + cumbers in either sugar, or salt with vinegar. Those additions generally go along with meals; they taste delicious and are items I can binge eat…Yet why is it when I pickle daikon – it taste like cabbage??? When I pickle ginger, its so amazingly ginger-y I can’t imagine serving it to others and cucumber…HA, somehow I turned it into slime.

After finishing a jar of pickled banana peppers – there is generally some liquid left over. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I will ONLY eat Cento’s brand unless I find one with sodium less than 280mg – Why do other brands feel the need to add food coloring?

That leftover juice, cut up some celery into small bits and put it in the juice. It makes nice pickled celery but you can only re-use the juice twice before it looses its spicy-pop flavor.

I wonder how bad my cholesterol is; I live on cheese basically. Sometimes I feel sharp twinging in my upper chest; A lot of the time I feel pains in my abdomen left/right side. Is this all gas?

When is it time to throw out old underwear? Old socks? Old sneakers? Old T-shirts?  Old bras? Anything old? I still haven’t figured this one out yet a brave sacrifice goes out to the orange VS underwear that has serviced me for 3 years. Don’t worry Orange! I will figure out HOW I managed to get holes in the hip area and below my belly button area. I assume because its because you came from Indonesia.

I have loved two shirts hard. Small holes grew into bigger holes, the collar looks splitting and chewed – beyond faded are the colors and under the arms are some serious peek-a-boo views. While one I was able to replace, the replacement just isn’t the same. I should throw them out; but then what would I wear to sleep in?

I forever hate bleach…Except when needed to clean Gma messes. SOMEHOW it magically got on a grey shirt in the laundry – Is nothing of mine sacred? Can I not own one piece of clothing that isn’t stained or damaged in some fashion?

There is a wedding I have to go to in June? July? I DO NOT wear dresses. This is due to my weight mostly and the size I’m at now; clothing stores to not have dresses I consider clothing. I’m not interested in looking like a pig in a blanket, yet I still need to find SOMETHING to wear and shoes…Sneakers aren’t acceptable….Makeup? UGH how am I going to fashion my hair???

Am I allowed to bring my camera?! That’s the ONLY way I’ll be able to maintain any sanity and happiness…Oh and cake.

How much should I even give? While I think 75 to 100 USD is appropriate for someone who isn’t a close friend, ‘Mabibble’ whose friend is getting married says 200…I think that’s way too much.

Maybe I should try men’s Rogaine this time. Why not then try nutri-system while I’m at it…Ugh – I hate how vain I can be…but really, I can pass off the gaps between my front teeth as ‘charming’. Slightly balding crown where my scalp shines through? It’s not charming.

Is it OK to eat something once it started to sprout leaves?

I don’t think I’ve ever got two yolks in one egg but I have gotten two onions from one bulb.

I also always come across shelled peanuts with no nuts or those closed annoying pistachios which you would think have a nut…Only to find it has no nut in it.


Ahh…It’s gotten late. I hope the weather for Wednesday will not be as bitterly cold; I want to go and buy a couple random things like tinsel and I have a craving for BBQ eel & tuna sashimi.

Maybe I shouldn’t buy the tinsel…but its shiny and logically I shouldn’t..


-Bad touch Bear


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