Accumulative stray thoughts – Entry for 1/13/15


Tomorrow is January 14th, National dress your animal up day. While I want to dress one of my cats up just to do so – My Grandmother is home.

I accomplish just about the same amount whether my Grandmother is home or not; her being home though is a hassle since she asks questions and stares. This behavior has threatened many attempts at exercising.

What is so interesting about watching people exercise anyway?! We look foolish doing strange movements like grabbing something that isn’t there, stretching to where it looks like our spinal cords are being ripped out, and squats..I love squats but really.

I just loaded up my ‘reserves’ and ‘for later reading’ list @ my local library. I never read a book on photography yet I suddenly find I want to actively learn more instead of just experimenting. Anyone reading this feel like recommendating a book?

I question if anyone actually reads this blog since I started posting photos.

Excluding my own two cats, I have 4 more categories – no 5, that need to be sorted and edited for uploading.

I can’t believe I spent over 400 photos on a Hawk…Then again it was 8 feet away? Not every day I get a visit from nature like that…Except for pesky squirrels.

If I get a dog in the future, any squeaky toys will be squirrel orientated.

I made friends over the weekend with a pug named Mia, after we left the owner’s house – I noticed my face was puffy.

Its strange to show up at a new person’s house with strobe lights right?

My grandmother is seriously idiotic. Why would you start a conversation with me when you cannot hear? I am not the accommodating sort of person, I do not like loud noises there for I wont raise my voice. You want to have a conversation or a answer to your question either get me a paper and pen or put in your frigging hearing aid.

If your asking a yes or no question and cannot hear, shouldn’t you try to rely on your other senses? I just nodded my head you fool, I know your not that blind.

The other day, no this was the day before the 8th of January; I noticed a book my grandmother borrowed from the Library. It was coming due and I told her she should have set up a online pin at the branch so I could renew it. Since then there have been plenty of opportunities to return the book or purchase it. The weather is cold here but not snowing. Yesterday I had asked her why she didn’t return the book and she says ‘Well you could have done it.’ Well excuse me, I didn’t know I suddenly became your (wo)manservant. I was so angry and I had a right to be too; its her responsibility – not mine.

I went out last weekend and now this weekend I want to do more than just food shopping. I feel every weekend I am food shopping and never do something ‘fun’. No I don’t want to go to the movies, no I don’t want to go clubbing – Actually I’ve NEVER been to a club OR bar.

I feel adventurous to the point where I want to hand out fliers advertising free photo-shoots; but I don’t like dealing with people so it’ll never happen.

I have still 7 books sitting in a pile from 2014 that I haven’t read. I’m going to read them even if I find the writing bland and uninspiring.

One of these days I’ll bake the banana bread I promised myself. Otherwise I just have rotting bananas sitting in my fridge and freezer.

I also have to throw out some ‘experiments’…Byron died as did two Orchids that had arrived here with white mold. Nothing surivives the dry head of this APT.

It’s been a half hour, that means the laundry is done. It hailed last night but right now the sun is bright, the wind is bitter and I really need more quarters for the dryer.


-Bad touch Bear


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