Story telling with photography – Entry for 1/12/15


‘Hey what’s that?’

‘Oh – I see where this is going – Jerk, there better not be any adhesive on that.’

‘Saw it coming. You’re done right? Take this off my head. Now.’

Sometimes I feel like someone’s wrapped my head in more than just bubble wrap. I have to take bear to the vet eventually, besides both of us being lethargic – He’s thrown up these hairballs that look and smell like poops. There are also lumpies growing on him that I’m concerned about. Should I shave him? All I have are scissors…If I cut the fur off, I should make a card and glue it on the card; ‘With love from bear’.

It’d make a interesting Valentine’s day card…Right?

-Bad touch bear


3 thoughts on “Story telling with photography – Entry for 1/12/15

    • Hmm, I think he might be 7ish? I’m honestly not looking forward to going to the vet, its VERY expensive; usually 600 just to say hello. I’ve had so many cats in my life but honestly this is the first who wheezes, plays fetch and has ‘growths’ on his paw pads and by his ear. Well he also has a lot of other odd quirks when I first got him but he’s gotten either too fat or lazy.

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