The last of 2014, Entry for 1/2/2015


Last fireworks of 2014 by EdibleShoes

MOST OF THE TIME…Any effort I manage to muster gets halved, then halved again, until I have little to no interest/energy to devote to finishing whatever it is I started.

I figured since its the new year and I have ALL these photos sitting on my computer from November of last year, I’d sort – edit – and upload them to my spare Deviantart account. I think I might even upload some to a site to sell; although I’ve done that before and never sold any photos.

The above photo I had such hard time getting; its a manipulation of twenty different photos I took of the fireworks, I’m not too sure if they were from Coney or just near the bridge- While I did manage to capture around three explosions in decent clarity, they are only singular flowers in a black sky. No real variation in color, size or patterns. At some point in the night I went a little nutty and just began doing long exposures of traffic/store lights. I gave myself a ear ache from sticking my head out the window without earmuffs. While ‘Mabibble’ was sleeping (They decided to go to sleep at 8PM!) I had my way with sticking random objects in their mouth (Harmless non-toxic items…Although ‘Mabibble’ hates celery and considers any veg toxic.)

I ate something with a lot of calories and just had a cup of Jasmine tea – I can’t be bothered to finish this entry.

I want a back rub and a nap,

Happy New Year & whatnots.

– Bad touch Bear


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