Photography showcase of 11/23 & 11/24


I kept combatting pictures that didn’t really inspire me, this post if you haven’t realized will be photo heavy. Haven’t done one of these in a while; last night I keyboard smashed and found myself browsing the Photography tag. I should have done this post when I was more alert last night; I just spent the better part of a hour holding down the PgDn button trying to find photos from last night.

{Favorite it here}

I love how technology has enabled us to take photos on the go and that this person was using a cellphone. I still have one of my earlier cellphones, barely 2 megapixles. While the blogger @ Instanmatic gratification, I’m sure uses other formats for photography; there was no photos on the blog I really said ‘This was a bad photo’.

Don’t think I have it in me to do a photo a day post; I have a backlog from November that I’ve yet to edit.


{Favorite it here}

In my delirium, I again ended up clicking something that lead me to The owner of this blog has all sorts of goodies, I particularly liked photos taken depicting movement; they weren’t blurry and in my mental state the monks in below picture seem to be walking right now. That’s a sign I need a break from the computer I guess.

{Favorite it here}


YELLOW! Or is it Orange? I just started following this person for the foreign fauna they come across not realizing there were also ample examples of wildlife – It doesn’t take much to impress me, I loved most of the photos present on his blog;

Christmas Tree Nuytsia floribunda Perth Hills Western Australia Moodjar

{Favorite it here}

Rose tipped Mulla Mulla Pom Poms Ptilotus manglesii

{Favorite it here}

Looks like a duster, I cant believe plants like this exist! Its called a mulla rose tipped something. My sinuses are not allowing smartness so lets just look at some more pretty pictures.

Eucalyptus caesia Silver Princess Gungurru

{Favorite it here}

Common Brushtail Possum Lesmurdie Falls National Park Mundy Perth Hills Western Australia

Look at those eyes! {Favorite it here}

Boats ♥ {Favorite it here}

Tower Bridge

I think I liked the editing done to this photo and how all the vertical poles line up with the person standing; I generally don’t like photos with people in them. {Favorite it here}

Decorated sand tree on the beach at sunset, Fort Myers Beach, FL.

The time of day this was taken takes away from the overall attitude making this photo look somber; I think I need to stare at this a lil longer since right now I feel so spacy from color overload. {Favorite it here}

I admire this photo for two reasons, its a night time shot and there is fog. I was never good with either subject; {Favorite it here}

And lastly because I never really want to end a post with a B/W photo;

This photo was also taken with a cell phone, their entire blog has shots only taken with a mobile device – I haven’t fully explored the blog so I cant attest to how all the photos look. {Favorite it here}


I’m done – My eyes are twitching from the visual overload, think I’ll do a watcher showcase soon…Preferably when I’m not impersonating a drunkard.

Thanks for lookin,

-Bad touch Bear


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