Snottily yours, Entry for 12/23


Toss, turn and suffocate.

Then there is toss, toss, lost blanket, something sticky is escaping nose, damp bedding and loud mouth breathing.

The pants are no where to be found, my hand plops into a colony of sinus runoff.

I’m listening to Bear breathe VS my own, he always wheezes; I sound like him.

Said I was sick; now my main goal is to make sure I throw away all my tissues, not touch my eyes (and get pink eye), and not to irritate my nostrils too much from blowing (and get a major nose bleed).

Its a maddeningly 80 degrees in this Apartment and I CAN’T shut off the heat. Grandma complains that the fan is on 24/7 and even with the window open, I’m not guaranteed any relief. Her legs are so scaly, beyond alligator skin; with all the skin lotion I buy, you think she would take a hint and take better care of her largest organ.

Culture differences? The way she was brought up? I give up, maybe she is just plain lazy. I think it might be the last option offered. You would think since she is bent over all the time she would take more interest in caring for her body parts that don’t hurt.

One year I decided to put lotion on Grandma’s feet; I was already on the floor and had previously done it for ‘Mabibble’. What I encountered there was alien terrain. The skin between her toes, the CRUST UNDER HER NAILS, and the nails themselves – Gnarled and misshapen, long and slightly curling inward, faded and peeling nail polish; A color I could no longer specify – munster-yellowed-offwhite-dirtypink? Some shade of decayed yellow.

I now knew why when she went to get a manicure, the Asian worker didn’t bother to cut her nails…All that gunk I got out from between and under her toes was sticky and had a slight sweet sour smell of decay. Her nails couldn’t fit between the nail clipper’s blades and I had to get scissors.

I KNOW I’m sick when not only do I have physical symptoms but my dreams are wild and savage and involve past situations that have been embellished to nightmarish proportions.

By the way, would anyone like some lemon curd?

My face is deflating so I think by tomorrow I wont need to worry about the walls attacking and having to fight gravity.

Snot is a  liquid right? Its also amazingly sticky – Would it be weird to make a snot monument?

Yellow is suppose to be a color that induces happiness too! All I feel is water logged, bloated and dopey.

An example:

HEY! {Made contact with something}
You don’t say? {Suffering from massive brain twitching/stabbing due to Sinus compression}
This taste like no-no. {Somehow I magically got snot all over my face and into my mouth, I’m plumping my cheeks as I realize this}
– Encounter ‘FEED ME’ Bear –
I didn’t know you had a mute button? {Due to Sinus compression/decompression, I hear everything wrong. Cat screaming + my cellphone suddenly permently dying, I decide the best action to take is open a can of cat food… Yet instead of putting it in a food bowl – I smash the wet food on the kitchen counter and stumble away}

THAT one-sided-dialogue was this morning was full of WIN, I forget where I was going with this entry; This isn’t Ketchup Mr.Spock…



– Bad touch Bear


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