Liquid fail, Entry for 12/22


A month or two back I had a little poll asking what my newest subject of interest should be; and finding ‘Liquid’ to have two votes…where I only had 3 votes in total; I began priming objects to photograph.

It seems the best ‘liquid’ subject would involve my grandmother.
No I’m not going to photograph my grandmother in the process of having liquid shits, that’s just borderline fetish-like and gross. I’ve managed to get a photo of snot escaping her nose in a cartoonish like drop, and her spilling her water (from a cup) plenty of times but in all the photos, she is half asleep or well; I’m not in the business of hurting feelings of the elderly – not that she even looks at my photography.

She thinks it a stupid venture and a waste of time; so much that she has hindered my projects by throwing out things I was going to photograph.

So far the casualties are:

An banana in the process of decay/Liquefying.

Leaves frozen with delicate ice crystals.

Oil frozen in water.

A liquid density project.

And JUST BECAUSE I WAS GETTING FED UP; One of her socks frozen in a Tupperware.

I’m so cranky and tired right now that I just want to give up; it doesn’t help that the Nikon I have bought has all these foreign features that I’ve yet to master. Like yesterday at a family gathering I was attempting continuous focus on a moving object, my cousins dog. Obviously it didn’t work out and the photos I DID capture…The yard is full of doggy poops, the dog enjoys EATING POOPS and besides the dog being ‘brown’ I just about screamed in frustration.

Cats are so much easier to photograph! Well my cats are anyway. I don’t need to wiggle food in their faces and almost loose a appendage or fear for my camera lens cause two dogs decided to body slam me at the SAME TIME and wrestle over a ham bone.

Its dangerous business photographin savage wild animals; I think that’s why my face is so puffy, because of all the doggy contact I had. (I’m allergic to rabbits/dogs/cats).

I’m not going to even attempt photography of children; that’s just another heartbreaking story that only gives me agita and anguish.

Bear is just laying on the floor…I think its time to re-introduce Bear to workout ‘tape’.

I love this cat, I hope he lives a very long life!

Happy holidays to all readers,

-Bad touch Bear


3 thoughts on “Liquid fail, Entry for 12/22

    • The area I live in didn’t get snow yet! Its so depressing since all I do is look at the sky and its overcast!

      Today it did rain but even the rain was minimal; I figure January – April will have loads of snow, I’ll figure something out.

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