A Beary Channukah Greetings, Entry for 12/21


The only person in my household who enjoyed Chanukah I think might be the cats.
Grandma got a tablet that clicks into a keyboard by Acer from her ‘Chanukah Harry’, valued at 350 USD. She didn’t even come to the ‘family gathering’ because she is sick.
What did I get?
After I wrote a very detailed and cheap list that would guarantee I got ample amount of goodies under 50 bucks?

Three bottles of Gold Bond lotion, not the Eczema one that I specified for but at least its something. One pair of knee high socks with peace signs on it…Not the wool socks cheaply bough 4 for 10 at Costco. Two scarf like pieces of fabric that easily blow in the wind…One of them I can see through and it has a hole in it…This does not bode well.

I see the person who picked my name from the hat went to a lot of effort to avoid the more crucial items like Eucerin body wash for extremely dry skin, the warm socks and scarf.
I’m sure I wrote two other things but c’mon; I’m a very easy person to shop for since I buy myself all those amazing gifts knowing not even ‘Mabibble’ will buy them for me.

I’m not 100% upset, but lets just say I just re-gifted 80% of the items given to me – the best part was the tissue paper. Colorful, meant to be thrown away and it has hexagon sparkles…Hey I asked for sparkles too! I will enjoy the tissue paper more than the gifts given; I’m honestly no good when people buy me gifts and its not exactly what I asked for or something I can utilize.

In anycase I came fully prepared for disappointment and even ordered burgers for ‘Mabibble’ and myself before showing up at their house. *Sigh* They had cold cuts, bread and latkes; even dessert was lacking.

Tonight wasn’t unpleasant, but I’ve had better Chanukah’s. I can be grateful that Grandma gave me 50 dollars; but she also gave me a headache, her cold, and extra chores.

Who knew chest wracking coughs could trigger explosive shits from Grandma…

I have loads of laundry to do besides re-cleaning the bathroom; I don’t know which is better – having my nose hairs burnt out from bleach inhalation or CONSTANTLY smelling Grandma poo which is available EVERYWHERE…There is no corner of this Apartment I can hide. I can just be grateful she does not sit on the corner of the couch where I do and she wears these dreadful poo tracking/catching slippers.

I’m laugh crying right now and my throat is hoarse; I can’t decide whether to clean now and shower or just shower cause I absorbed ‘fried food smell’ like a f-kin sponge. I’m trying to forget the microscopic poo invading my personal space and how the ‘Fantastic’ bottle (Cleaning spray) – Well its not so Fantastic from what is coating the bottle…

Its not even my turn to do laundry – I did it the last two times!
Can’t win!

Praying for Grandma’s quick recovery from this ‘cold’,

-Bad touch Bear


3 thoughts on “A Beary Channukah Greetings, Entry for 12/21

  1. It all sounds positively horrid 😦 From the useless gifts to the pooh smell permeating everything. I hope your Granny gets better soon, and that you do not succumb too much to the bugs. Time to go out and buy yourself a little unnecessary item – or three. And maybe some nose-plugs!

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