The nightmare and bad reality – Entry for 12/7/14


Ahh, I haven’t been here in some time – I think.
This morning I had BIG plans. My storage locker, a 5 x 5 is going up in price. When I took out the locker, it was only 42 dollars three years ago? Four? Now they are going to increase it to 86 dollars a month. ITS ONLY A 5 X 5 locker! I have clothing, stuffed animals, dishes and chairs in there…I think also a bottle of wine. The plans were to take the stuff out of the locker, with two trips, taking the things from Queens to Brooklyn and then to New Jersey.
Some kind of smuggling business for simple goods right?
In the morning before ‘MaBibble’ arrived to help with transport; I had a bad dream. It included my dead father, a stove I couldn’t figure how to turn off (technology based cookware is fkin scary!), burning pine cones, and unloading the storage in this house that I THINK is a combination of two houses. My father said I am burning these pinecones because I want you dead.
If I can be honest with you readers, my father said a lot of disturbing things while alive; he tried to kill me more than once; but when we burned pinecones, it was a calm time.

And then, the phone rings, ‘MaBibble’ is complaining that the car is freaking out. The electric in it is shutting off, the radio is going on and off, volume going higher and lower- all sorts of crazy things. The car was originally my mothers, then my father took it after she died – then I gave it to ‘MaBibble’. The car is thirteen years old, we’ve invested the original price of the car and then some to keep it running. Atleast ‘Mabibble’ got here in one piece; We are NOT going back in that death trap.


End of story is I just bought my first car. A car I won’t be driving or really owning; I also basically bought a incompetent slave who will spend the next 3 & 1/2 years+ paying me back. The car sales man, I don’t know if we got a deal on a pre-owned but he could tell I meant business by how snappy I was.

The bank of ‘Baby’ is closed for today.
I cried, I want to over eat, I want to abuse ‘Mabibble’ and I want well…Not going there.

I’m SO NOT HAPPY. ‘Mabibble’ was elated until I made a contract that required a signature.
I never see spending money as a pleasant experience.
Looks like I won’t be buying a house now; that was were all my savings were going…and I just finally broke down and bought a camera for myself – I want to return it now but doing so wouldn’t repair the amount I just spent and there was no way around this purchase.

‘Mabibble’ just told me the rearview mirror, they broke it…WHY DO I HAVE SUCH A PERSON IN MY LIFE?!

What a bad luck charm – ‘Mabibble’ is ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS.
I have to hurt them later, its just a given now.

-Bad touch bear


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