And there goes my money…Entry for 11/27


I had plans to buy a new DSLR since the one I own is old. It is from 2006-07, a Cannon Rebel XT; pretty much the first DSLR for mid-level photography. I spent ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS on that bastard, and then THREE HUNDRED for a lens which was always too heavy and slow.

Good times.
Now it lives in a cardboard box, inside a designer bag, behind the couch. I haven’t used it really since 2012. If I tried to sell it – like my iMac g5, I would get pennies for it.
Man I hate how technology’s value diminishes over time, it makes me cry since the investment never turned any financial gain.

It took me 3 hours to figure out where to buy the camera I choose; a Nikon D5200. So many places are offering discounts thanks to the holiday! I opted to buy new – as much as I LOVE eBay and the deals were really…I would have saved 150 USD vs buying where I bought, cept these cameras. They are refurbished. While I don’t mind used goods – the offer just seemed too good to be true; for all I know they could be refurbs from Nikon but fixed with cheap parts. The kits included had memory cards, tripods, lens covers and two optical lenses with a unknown maker; I don’t want grief over technology.

So end of the story is this:

Sub Total:$596.95
Sales Tax:$0.00
Invoice Total:$596.95

If I had shipped to where I live, the tax would have been either 16 USD or 30 USD…I forget since I just bought a new coat and the sales tax was disgusting!

I feel my ‘Want’ list now has been truly satisfied…Except for wool socks and waterproof winter boots.

I cant wait to go back upstate with my new camera! I even have plans of borrowing my uncle’s boots…I just hope and shenanigans I intend to get into don’t leave me hypothermic…It’ll have to wait till next year anyway.

Hmm…I got a coupon for bismuth….And clothing…I WOULD like a new hoodie and fleece…OH EVIL EVIL SPENDING!

I need help!

-Bad touch Bear


2 thoughts on “And there goes my money…Entry for 11/27

    • 😛

      Experiment with ductape I suppose. I basically just bought a heavier camera to stick out the window and ‘almost’ drop while taking shots at the sky. I think the neighbor who lives below me enjoys that I’m sticking half of myself outside- He’s feeding the squirrels again.

      I should write a real entry on squirrels…

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