Sunset27 by EdibleShoes

REJOICE! It is a mixture of movement and a dirtied sensor that has just ruined 316 photos from my weekend in the catskills of New York. I am going to blame this on the dogs I were in the company of as well as the can of cranberry sauce I just finished. (I’ve been eating it for the past four hours for some reason…)

Anyway enjoy this photo from today’s sunset. The issues with the sensor and movement drag resulted in some strange lightning light streak by all photos I’ve taken with a setting sun. My camera also believes it lives in a different continent since all PM shots are labeled AM/viceversa.

Taken on Nov 23, 2014, 3:37:25 PM

Now if you lovely watchers will excuse me, I need to cry loudly in the corner.

No its not cause of my camera – its cause I am still craving stuffing like some addict!
Ugh…I know this isn’t going to end well, just like the Gorgonzola incident…I’m going to dream of an aftertaste for weeks until I become fixated on something else or kill my tastebuds.

My stomach feels ‘doughy’!

-Bad touch Bear


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