Blurry eyes or broken sensor?


I’m going to have to do some tests on my small point and shoot. This weekend I went upstate for early Thanksgiving, taking only my point and shoot while leaving the DSLR at home. I took a total of 522 not including those I deleted or are on my camera phone. A majority of the photos on my point and shoot are seriously blurry and blue toned; I’ve had this issue before on my DSLR and it was the sensor. I know I move a lot, breathing, standing on unstable ground, tripping over my feet-leaves-falling in holes, but its mostly breathing – it has affected the majority of my shots.

It could also be my eyes, I have a slight astigmatism – it affects the sharpness of how I see things, meaning seeing things in full focus. I recently swapped glasses to half rims (the full ones were leaving impressions behind my ears), I don’t see as well out of the half rimmed glasses (I own three of this variety too!). Lately my eyes feel blurry and like a film is over them; I’ve been avoiding a dilatation because its disorientating and I would have to travel home by myself – looking like a drug addict.


Anyway – my next photography subject is ‘Liquid in various forms’. I don’t know why I’ve been putting off my ‘diary’ entries; but right now I’ve just showered and need sleep…I remember going up state and camping meant no technology – yet all everyone did was watch friggin TV, play on their computers/cellphones/Facebook games/Twitter/Pintrest and avoid going outside. Yea it was only 19 degrees and I ended up with some serious winter chapping on my cheeks, but that’s because of my own idiocy and not using my scarf and hat appropriately.

Who can wear four shirt layers and move around quickly?
I think its mostly because I don’t go outside therefor I forget how to dress for the weather.

Mmm, I want to eat more stuffing…BREADISTHEDEVIL! I needs to go on a Starch detox and exercise more!

Thanks for reading,

Bad touch Bear


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