Taken on Oct 30, 2014 @ 5:59:17 PM

This is my last photo from the sunrise/sunset project I set out for myself. Many days there were overcast, or unimpressive views of the sky. With winter having killed all the leaves I have little interest to stick my head outside the window and get blasted with cold wind in my ears and chapping my skin. That doesn’t mean I wont attempt to take a couple photos if I feel its worth remembering.

A few things I learned:

1- Already known, the camera, regardless of make or type are horrible at capturing colors as the eye sees it unless you take time to tweak the programmable features.

2- Time is fleeting. One moment I can see a dinosaur eating a square shaped cloud and the next moment, the wind has blown it away. This leaves me feeling I should be doing more with my life while I’m young and keep alert. I swear the other day there was a door in the sky!

3- Photography can happen anywhere but it is keen to have pants on; incase you’re like me and fall out the window. Sneakers help too, and maybe some ductape…I find it hard to hold this point and shoot without the fear of dropping it.

4- Laptop screens with that annoying reflector feature are HARD for me to use while editing photography. I can never tell the true color of something or tell if I’ve over saturated/pixelated something.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and a ‘Hello’ to new watchers; this isn’t a photography blog.

-Bad touch bear


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