Worship me dammit!


I now see the appeal of having a photo only blog where people just favorite things and go their way. My ego has leveled up +2, have you seen my nose?

Its grown to such a proportion that – (Insert perverse joke that didn’t get typed cause my face got red.)

I even kind of understand why some bloggers post photos of someone else’s work..No not really. I do it as a showcase occasionally, but host my own opinions…The blogs I visited under the tag ‘photography’ a couple people were just posting photos taken by a variety of different people. I don’t know why I’m complaining about it, I think I categorized it under minor art theft? Yet they included the artist’s names in the titles…Mneh.


You poor suckers will have to deal with a 5 post a-day deal till I run out of photos from my ’50 sunsets/sunrise’ project. I was going to say something else but Bear just decided to stick his face in my cup and I wasn’t done with my drink.

I should go to bed when my eyes get blurry right?
-Bad touch bear


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