Penalty game – Entry for November 10th


I was suppose to set whatever spare hours I had to edit. Instead I was playing with my nail polish and by the time I looked up it was already late; so I had to punish myself. As a child I got punished for the most ridiculous things, and these weren’t like a time out or a favorite toy got taken away. I feel sorry for my future children, I had such a violent childhood – I never want to repeat that kind of parenting.

So this is where the ‘Penalty game’ comes into play.

If ‘Such and such doesn’t happen’, I WILL HAVE TO ‘Do such and such’ as repentance.

If I didn’t accomplish sorting through ALL my photos by the end of the day, I would have to eat a WHOLE clove or garlic – RAW.
I compromised and ate half of one and now I’ve glued my laptop to my lap…Liar.

I honestly made myself REALLY busy earlier to avoid sorting and editing.
What did I get up to?

-I made war on the squirrels outside. They’ve woken me up yesterday and today crawling all over the window sill and climbing the screen. The bastard was FIVE inches away with the most adorable soul eating eyes and fluffy coat. I took out my squirt gun and got him in the shoulder, he had his hands out to me before I squirted him; almost like ‘You gots foodies to share?’. He even left me a maple leaf – YOU ARE NOT MAKING A NEST AND EATING MY SCREEN LIKE LAST YEAR!

Tomorrow I’m putting cayenne pepper in my squirt gun’s water.

-I got upset cause I saw someone’s before and after picture and forced myself for a walk. Its not even relative to my own body weight! Well I have no clue how much she began at or her real current weight. It all really boils down to exercise; something I am loathe to do. Its not like I’m loading up on junk food, all I need to really do is eat more healthy fiber and not go for bread (Even if its whole wheat). This is hard since Grandma lives off of starches and sugars.

In the end I got pretty far – two more blocks and I would have walked 2 miles..No wait that’s not including the return trip? Oh whatever I went outside, I added to my pile of clothing that needs to be washed, took out money, picked things off the ground – went into someone’s yard and picked some leaves…Bought apples and observed LIFE in realtime.

I got home and after that made myself go thru another ‘Penalty game’

Since I avoided doing my editing AGAIN, for lunch I would have to eat Gorgonzola cheese instead of goat cheese.

Turns out since I used this in previous punishments, I’ve grown to like the cheese…But its not true Gorgonzola, it came from Wisconsin. Even though I just said I ‘like’ it, I think I’ve just grown to tolerate it.

– Again instead of editing, I began playing with my newest purchases from eBay. Guess what it is…MORE NAIL POLISH! Its cheaper to just give in and buy them; otherwise I end up at the local pharmacy and spend full retail and have guilt for spending Seven dollars on a polish I can get online for five. This whole compulsive wanting/buying thing didn’t get worse till my mother died. First it was tea and then down the costly line now its polish…

– Bobbled around the Apartment looking at the sunset, googling information on Sea buckthorn trees, liquid viscosity, viewed photos of water, Autumn & ice.

– Ate another serving of Gorgonzola with a challah roll and a Crispin apple.

– Watched the sunset.

– Wrote this entry.

I have until 12 AM to sort through ALL my photos to keep on schedule; I haven’t thought of what my next two ‘Punishments’ would be, but even if I decided to eat a whole eggplant (roasted) for dinner – that’s not punishment.

OH! I just remembered to take my vitamins! Hmm, I’m no good at this game.
I need to build a 6 x 6, paint it white, have one flickering light installed with no light switch, install only a crawl door for entry and not include windows.

Is that a good punishment room?

Whatever – A just slipped and almost fell out the window again, almost dropped my tiny point & shoot again too!

Ugh, I don’t think even eating FOUR cloves of raw garlic is a punishment anymore, thank god I have no men to impress.

Not hungry,

-Bad touch Bear


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