Sunset2 – 11/7/14


Taken November 7th 2014 @ 5 PM ish


3 thoughts on “Sunset2 – 11/7/14

  1. A painter looked at the sky and found it as just blue allover.He took his brush and dabbed some orange here and there,and some birds will do nicely too he said…. 🙂 How did you capture it ? I find it difficult to catch birds in my screen 😦


    • Ahah! Your complaining made me feel special- but with photographing any birds it all boils down to, shutter speed, light source and luck.

      Those stupid pigeons aren’t even in full focus in this photo. They have a set schedule too – fly around in circles @ 7am and then again at 4pm, which is the time the sun rises and sets now.

      Do they have day light savings on your continent?

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      • No,we don’t have day light savings , only the corporate sector who also deal with international projects change a small part of their schedule,that’s it … I will observe the pigeons timings hereafter,I desperately want to shoot birds flying 🙂


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