Sunset / Sunrise Photography


So tomorrow marks my 50th day of taking photos at either sunrise or sundown. I have in total taken 1712 photos so far and instead of just doing sundown, I included photos of clouds as well. It rained quite a bit and many days/nights the cloud coverage was too thick for photography. I think I will make this a habit, taking photos at either sunrise or sunset, perhaps I’ll even mix it up on location (HA AS IF!)

With the end of this subject, I felt the need to pick up another; I mean it only takes at most a hour out of my day for photography since I’m not staging anything. Editing is a different story. I’ve been sorting through photos and editing for a week now, I only allot myself four hours though; otherwise my brain begins to hurt.

But here’s the question – what next to pick?
I’m feeling ambitious, but that’s my problem – when I become ambitious, I get ideas and then think of the downsides of these ideas and talk myself out of them.
EX: I was thinking ‘Smiles’ – Capture smiles from 50 different people.
First off I don’t know 50 different people nor do I have more than two that I can photograph and animals don’t count. This means I’d go to a place like Craigslist – make a listing and wait for people to show up at a specific location, then talk to strangers, take a picture and I KNOW they are going to want a copy or I’ll come across a paranoid person who will just upset me.

IT ALWAYS HAPPENS – I always get this one creep of a person that takes the spring out of my step.

The time prep for a project like this which is only for entertainment is more than a hour and requires me to go outside and talk to strangers. Of course I could limit this by JUST going outside and taking pictures of 50 different people exhibiting one particular emotion…But I’ve done this before when I was in College. Infact any idea I think of at the moment is something I have done before. The sky shots were something I never done as a series; I’ve always looked up at the sky, but I’ve never bothered with photographing because I’m usually in the car or something is blocking my view = a bad shot.

As a whole, I know the people reading this blog I can get a response from again, two people, so IF your reading and not one of those two people I’m talking about but wont mention; could you do me a favor and participate in a poll or suggest a subject? I’ve only listed things in the poll that do not cost money, keep me inside since November in NYC is cold; I SHOULD do something that takes me out of my comfort zone – but like I said, its getting cold and it gets dark earlier.

Thanks in Advance if you participate,

Bad touch Bear


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