Entry for November 7th


Man today was something! Just earlier I was washing dishes from dinner and a plate – it broke as I’m placing it in the dish drain. Scientifically I can go out on a limb and say, the water was hot and then I quickly switched to cold and just maybe a knife hit the plate, aged atleast 40 years, in the RIGHT spot, equating to a plate broken in almost 6 perfect pie slice pieces.

I have NEVER had a plate brake in my hands but that is the only explanation I could think of. Grandma just shrugged and said, ‘Well that’s one less plate to break.’ Which left me thinking, Yea one less plate when you pass on for someone to inherit. Not that it was really a special plate, I just liked it cause it was brown, orange and tan, stoneware and nicely heavy. Not like dishes these days that are thin with designs that eventually wash off. I think it boils down to craftsmanship only found in the 1900’s.

Earlier today, much earlier – I think it was lunch time? I just put on my pants and went outside. The forecast said rain but it was spotty and the sun was out so I figured I would get myself outside before I was told there was something to be done. ‘The shower curtain needs to be changed’, ‘Take out the trash’, ‘Wash the kitchen window again’. I just washed that window a week ago and its friggin dirty!

Anyway I basically ran downstairs before Grandma could tell me what needed to be done – only to see one of the other elderly tenants I kinda know. When I say ‘kinda know’ its more like I’ve observed them on plenty of separate occasions doing something yet I don’t know their names or where they live – these people I have never initiated in conversations before. This particular geriatric I knew worked near by and actually owns a Segway, he always wears a cowboy hat, denim pants and black coat. His shirts are usually plaid. I caught him leaving the building with one of those stickers you find on new jeans – alas he was too fast and I was too lazy to call out.

So I had a plan, usually when I go outside I end up spending money. My goal – Goat cheese. I had just bought some too, but ‘4 servings’ per small log is not enough…I did actually eat it on six different occasions but goat cheese is like cream cheese A+++. The only thing keeping me from getting to the store and back within a ground breaking 10 minutes – Oh another neighbor I ‘Kinda know’, ‘cept this one I actually have spoken to and I THINK he lives on the 3rd floor. I waived, once you see someone and make eye contact its just rude to NOT say ‘Hi’.

This ‘Hi’ turned into a 25 minute conversation! I generally become comatose when a conversation is unexpected and last longer than 15 minutes; this time I was actually fine. Why was I fine? Oh we were talking smack and he was curious about my well being. It amazes me that a neighbor who I don’t know on a real deep level, and I certainly am unsure of his name, I think its ‘Jerry’ – he was concerned about me. My own family doesn’t express this concern!

While we were talking I just happened to catch the geriatric cowboy riding his Segway to work. I stopped him in the middle of the street and ripped that sticker off the back of his pants leg. It was actually bothering me that I didn’t get it earlier; he thanked me, I returned to ‘Jerry’ and our conversation concluded 5 minutes later.

You would think after this I wouldn’t have had any other conversations since I rarely interact with people. Oh today was another day where strangers decided to talk to me; People always stop me and ask for directions, if I’m smiling – some elderly person smiles back and commentary on the weather is initiated or I’m asked if I can reach something for them. These conversations I don’t mind, yet as I’m getting my goat cheese a NOT elderly man, Russian, slightly balding, wearing all black and OK looking opens with some commentary of, ‘You can’t trust if its fresh’. Well that wasn’t his real opening line but it was the third thing he said. For 79 cents I’m willing to take a chance – I know if its good cheese half will be eaten greedily on some challah bread while I try to defend the other half from my stomach by running out of the kitchen. I honestly forget what he said afterward, he showed me something else he was planning to buy and I’m sure I must have gave him a funny look cause he didn’t shrink away when I reached past him. I didn’t say ‘bye’ to the OK looking probably middle age with children man; I had my cheese, challah bread and found shiny blue tinsel.

By the time I got out of the store, two other people had exchanged pleasantries with me and one person smiled in my general direction. I was out for SO long, I actually met my Grandmother across the street! She just bought apples and had plans to buy me another slab of goat cheese. Oh baby!

I guess today was a exceptional day – SO much that I took 103 photos oft he sky. I must like the number 103, it happens often. Think I’ll post some of todays shots after I filter through them – but I will upload them as singular entries to boost my ego.

Mmm, I ate well today but I REALLY want to finish off my cheese!

Wishing I wasn’t lactose intolerant,

-Bad touch Bear



2 thoughts on “Entry for November 7th

  1. What a nice mixtures of joy,slight pain,introversion and then comfort and in the end Its nice to know you are contended 🙂 It was a beautiful read about a day of your life with small twists pangs of emotions. I like the way truth rules in everything you say 🙂

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