Log Horizon Season 2 Recap & Review


“The MMORPG Elder Tale; One day, tens of thousands of players were trapped within a world that looked just like it. Right now this is our world, our reality. From here on out, we will change the world!” – Excerpt from Season 1 Shiroe.

I was waiting somewhat impatiently for season 2 to come out, during that time I filled up on Korean drama till the feeling of vomiting came about. (That didn’t honestly take long since the acting was lacking in some series)

The first three minutes into the episode you see various battles enacted; the whole feeling I got from those first three minutes was confusion. There are also characters that are mentioned in season 1 from the debauchery tea party, and at the end of season 1’s Scale festival episode, the entrance of new characters are in the Season 2’s first episode. My confusion subsided once I re-watched some older EPs.

My first impression was the OP, database Japanese Kanji available by TAKUMA (10-feet), was kept the same but the animation following was more conflictive. They’re just SO many characters you can have before a plot becomes too burdened with different view points and side stories/filler. Although this is a new chapter in the series, I hope it keeps the same strategic seriousness that Shiroe is known for yet lighthearted fun the other characters bring to the table. (Obviously I like the crafty beady eyed villain in glasses).

Keywords from Season 1 to remember: The birth of two new magics, Nureha, battle with the west, Plant Hwyaden, ‘Fraction’ a way to go back home. This was where Season 1 left us off; So far the Light Novel correlated with the Anime although it was somewhat out of order and missing parts, I have high hopes for Season 2 since the text readable at Baka-Tsuki only goes up to chapter 7 . Season 2 is now streaming on Hulu/I’m pretty sure you can find it for free streaming somewhere on the internet.

Oh you thought I was going to go more into ‘Shiroe of the Northern Lands’ Episode 1?

HA! Go watch it yourselves! Apoc type animes are something you watch, not have someone describe to you!

Thanks for reading,

-Bad touch Bear


Other links for consideration:

File:Log Horizon manga vol.01.jpg

Read the light Novel here, this project has been licensed by Yen Press’ imprint Yen On. First volume will be published in March 2015. So it might be taken down soon!


Log Horizon light novel vol.07.jpg

In the light novel, where Season 2 picks up.





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