Keywords & Passwords entry for November 4th


Dead sparrow, broken neck.

Large reflective windows.

Clean sneakers freshly dirtied.

Bright pink neon nails, neatly trimmed.

An oxymoron wearing her favorite knitted hat.

A heavy jacket worn in mildly warm weather.

A shopping list from two weeks ago.

Along with the sad thought, I haven’t been outside in a month?


I can’t stop thinking about that dead sparrow, it looked so fluffy! I grew up with lots of cats, occasionally there would be dead animals in our yard which meant for me a supply of bird feathers. So many thoughts went through my mind just from seeing the dead sparrow, it was my ‘Keyword and Password’ for the day.

Of course I didn’t start today off with seeing a dead sparrow – no I painted my nails this shade of pink that is..BRIGHT. I had a craving for goat’s cheese, Grandma had opened the last can of cat food this morning…Dammit, I forgot to buy dry food on her list, that and fudge pops, two things I dislike. I haven’t posted a entry here in some time huh? Where have I been?


Occasionally I like to avoid all sorts of technology. I feel 100% better without this device that makes me want things I don’t need.  Like earlier in October, I wanted a mermaid Barbie from my youth. I THINK I still have the doll but she is missing her top and the hair piece, ugly tanned doll – Why am so interested in iridescent things?. It was the ‘Password’ to opening my mind and influencing me to buy …I think five dolls? Five dolls which I intend to try and ‘repaint’, five dolls that aren’t even Barbie dolls. So much agitation over not winning that auction for a ten dollar doll. A doll I have no where to put but I want because it reminded me of better days, like the dead sparrow and the neon pink nail polish. I wish I could get rid of my cell phone, but I watch all my anime on it…and the camera has higher quality than my DSLR!

Oh – its only been twelve days since my last post. It feels like a month! I said in previous post of how much I like Autumn; I think I want to retract that statement. No, no – retract or amend? I like EARLY Autumn, I DISLIKE Autumn at the end of October. Its so much colder, the leaves from most of the trees are gone. I didn’t realize how happy I was to see the leaves change color but then suprizingly sad when one of the beech trees down the block lost all its leaves. How can I know of a tree two blocks away?

The view from 4B isn’t SPECTACULAR, but I can see bits of traffic and..Bear just went ‘Owwwawoot’ Its play time and here I am reminiscing. What a trap, wasn’t I going to talk about something else? I feel slightly spiteful, or is this playful? I want to stack the newly bought toilet paper infront of the Apt’s door. I went outside last week! it hasn’t been a month! We had NO toiletpaper and I needed to refill a prescription. Hmm, Grandma owes me more money than I think.

Wearing that hat made my hair all sweaty, I don’t like day-light savings/ that its dark at 5PM. Its 4:20 and Grandma isn’t home yet…OH maybe she is voting? I didn’t bother – SO MANY AUTOMATED CALLS! Atleast two a day, last night we had THREE!

Pancakes, sulfur, I’ll try to not disappear for more than a week I suppose.

There’s a lot of entries in my Reader I have to catch up on.

Why does my scalp smell like sulfur?!

The elevator slammed and Bear got up, I have to stack those TP’s by the door POST HASTE!

Absentminded and Scatterbrained; Thanks for reading,

Bad touch Bear

Pink Voltage China Glaze by EdibleShoes

I think the polish is much brighter in person…I regret not picking up that dead sparrow now. EVERYTHING SMELLS LIKE SULFUR!


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