I missed twelve days and there are SO many entries to read – TOO MANY to read and now I have 50 followers? I’ve just spent two hours between stacking toilet paper, banging my hand while shooting todays boring sunset and then reading entries on other’s blogs…I think I need a whole day just to read all the missed entries!


Welcome new watchers, I hope you didn’t subscribe because you’re looking for poems; I generally write paragraphs that grow out of control; I understand if you suddenly un-subscribe.

Hmm there was a REALLY REALLY bright helicopter flying around…and then as I lost sight of it behind the school, the top floor’s corner classroom! Its lights went on. I feel so hyper suddenly! I doubt it was from the sucking candy earlier or the goat cheese…Wonder if it was the grapes.


I have a urge to shove grapes in my mouth and try to talk. Hard to believe I’m twenty nine.

I refuse to act my age!

– Bad touch Bear

P.S. OHOHOH! This was my 50th post too!


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