Good night Blood moon


In a great white room
there was a clock,
Clickity – Click, Went the clock.
Or so really, that was me with a smart mock.
There was also a cat, a big fuzzy cat.
‘Mwoo – Mroo?’ Is it food time for me?
No it isn’t fuzzy cat, now please leave me be.
And was fan
And the remnants of a rubber band.
And on dusty shelves sat various sized baby dolls,
And my one big cow bell.
And a picture of me when I was seventeen.
Outnumbered one to fourty three of other people who aren’t me.
And a come and a brush
And a mug with Apple mush
And a cranky overtired lady who was bludgeoning the big fuzzy cat – bellowing, “HUSH”
Good night, white room. Good night, obscured moon.
Good night, clickity- clock that I smart mocked.
Good night, cat – who knocked over the fan.
Good night, destroyed rubber band. Good night, cat again, stop eating the rubber band.
Good night, shelves, how dusty you are.
Good night, scary dolls. Good night, cow bell.
Good night, singular picture of me, just barely seventeen. Good night, multitudes of not me’s, outnumbered by fourty three.
Good night, comb. Good night, brush.
Good night, home. Good night, Apple mush.
Good night to the crazed lady squirting the cat while growling, “FUCKING SHITTY CAT LEAVE ME BE ALL I WANT TO DO IS SLEEP IN PEACE!”
Good night, stars. Good night, air.
Good night, noises everywhere.


For more information on October 8th’s Moon, {Click here}

At the moment, there is a 30% chance I will be able to see the moon and a 15% chance upon finding it I’ll get a picture. Why? The area in which I live has a lot of tall buildings which obscure the skyscape. If I could climb the fire escape from where I am and see the moon, I would but at 4 AM in the morning – I might be seen as a burglar! Hopefully if I head towards the Marina, I’ll see something.

Also the percentage is so low because its COLD and DARK at 4 AM.

Happy hunting to any moon watchers,

-Bad touch Bear


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