Stop Killing Wolves in Finland- 135 Left



Stop Killing Wolves in Finland- 135 Left
  • Author: Nyack Clancy
  • target: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Permanent Secretary, Ms Jaana Husu-Kallio

Finland wolf population has collapsed because of poaching. In 2005 there were 250 wolves in Finland, last spring’s corresponding figure was between 135 and 145. In some areas wolves have disappeared completely.

Stop killing wolves and start educating people as to why wolves are an important part of keeping environments balanced by maintaining biodiversity that contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Wolves keep the population of old and sick animals in check. If wolves disappear then hundreds of other animals will be affected. Wolves do not eat everything from their prey, and what they do leave behind feeds countless other mammals and birds.
If wolves died out, there would be more plant eating animals and they would eat too many plants, leaving many areas overgrazed. Wolves are very important!

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Permanent Secretary, Ms Jaana Husu-Kallio
PO Box 30, FI-00023 GOVERNMENT
Tel. +358 (0)295 16 2184
Fax + 358 (0)9 160 54202
E-mail to the Registry:


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The above was copy and pasted from another site since I cannot post Java on this Blog. I find it oddly strange how the secretary’s second last name is similarly close to my own; but anyway if you agree to sign, read first. Make sure to unclick any boxes in prevention of unwanted e-mails.

Thank you for looking,

-Bad touch Bear


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