Entry for Oct. 6th


It seems I just cannot make myself read lately. Generally I’ll read almost anything as a diversion from whatever I have to do during the day; its serious when I snub a Charles de Lint book. The exception seems to be internet articles, I get the news paper daily yet I want nothing to do with it. I really cant stomach what is going on lately, war, sex crimes, racial crimes. I just want to turn a blind eye even though I live in NY, a major target for ISIS.

Here is a random list of articles I’ve read in the past three days that I wanted to spread some light on.

When no gender fits: A quest to be seen as just a person -The Washington post

Supreme Court declines to review same-sex marriage cases -The Washington post

I generally would talk about the articles listed but I just don’t feel like saying much EXCEPT; We have come so far as a race, the human beings. It is sad that we must make these little boxes where try to classify, discriminate, and hold no tolerance towards non-nuclear thinking. I personally do not understand the struggle of the androgynous kind of people, nor the LGBT but at the end of the day I still see them as human. I don’t understand why Politically there must be issues.

Disappearance of Madeleine McCann – Wikipedia

Missing Madeleine: Online troll found dead -Yahoo news

Total Lunar Eclipse On Wednesday Will Be a Rare ‘Selenelion’ – Yahoo news

Shelter volunteer Cortney Blankenship has an idea, however. “His body overcame and he had a will to live and somehow, someway he made it through,” said Blankenship

Dog survives euthanasia – {Read about Lazarus here} -Yahoo news



A very long time ago I read Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor. It was a slightly frustrating/heart warming/sad story of a child who grew up with a mother that didn’t work and didn’t seem to be able to think of her children. This poor girl was put thru so much. The way in which it was written reminds me of nutsrok, I don’t think there is much similarity content wise but the tone is slightly reminiscent. Some of nutty’s entries don’t have that sharp quality that make me go ‘AH! That was hilarious’ or the format could be revised I feel to make a bigger impact – but the stories that I’ve connected with really made me laugh.

Here are a couple favorites:

Cookie and Uncle Riley (part 1) Cookie and Uncle Riley (Finale) – Mr. Bradley and the Old Floozies

I save reading her Blog for when I have time to really read; just skimming sometimes doesn’t do justice. She is also writing a book – ARE ALL WORDPRESS BLOGGERS WRITING A BOOK? If the book is like her entries, I’d want it on my Imaginary bookshelf in my Imaginary Dream house. I need to find a better paying job and move out…


nicoleskuba.com – For the past couple days, Nicole has been promoting ‘National Day without a Stigma’. I’m honestly in a flippant mood and don’t want to read things of such nature – BUT SHE IS OFFERING HER BOOK FOR FREE on Amazon! Go check her out -K?

On Monday, October 6, 2014 I am joining advocates across the country to spread awareness of mental health and reduce stigma surrounding mental health disorders. As former President Bill Clinton said, “Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of but stigma and bias shame us all.”

My specific action to reduce stigma was to write and publish my memoir, Another Kind of Free: Suicide Prevention in the Wake of Robin Williams’ Death. My book is free on Amazon today. Please pick up a copy and write a review. (Reviews help books like Another Kind of Free stay at the top of Amazon’s lists so that people who need it know it exists.)


Lastly I leave you dear readers with this:

Its called a ‘Dutch Apple Baby’ and honestly its a over glorified pancake topped with caramelized apples. I wont waste my time cooking something like this simply because I don’t own a Dutch pan; but don’t be too surprised if my next entry contains the words – ‘Apple Mush’, ‘Diabetes’ or ‘Allergic reaction’. For the recipie {click here}

I want to see photos of leaves changing!

Maybe I’ll visit Central Park (CUE END OF THE WORLD SENARIO)

-Bad touch Bear


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