Sunset 01


Sunset 01 by EdibleShoes

It is not the camera that makes the photograph amazing, its the photographer.

Unfortunately the day I began this Sunset/Sunrise challenge (Sept 9th) – the sky from my vantage point said rain. While this photo isn’t one of those color amazing sunsets, it is a sunset. *SIGH* After I uploaded this on Deviant Art, I saw some breathtaking shots from Norway. I am jealous, I would like to see an Aurora Borealis in the night time sky; that will never happen in my part of New York. If I time it right next summer (If I remember) I would like to capture Manhattan-henge; it will be the third (?) year I’ve known about it and forgotten.

I’ve also forgotten about Sept 19, ‘talk like a pirate day’, Sept 18-21 Upstate NY Hot air balloon show and I’m sure something else – but I’ve forgotten. Actually I remembered the Hot air balloon show the 20th but there’s NO WAY I was doing a four hour drive Upstate and then back home.

A update on my efforts towards cleaning (No its against). At the time I posted, which was probably 12pm? I’m not sure, I sat there for 2 hours in a silent freakout. I have different ways of responding to a problem, today I simply shut down. Two hours. Didn’t move a inch, watched the cats play around the new terrain I made. Overwhelmed, I had to force myself NOT to get a black garbage bag and just dump everything. I am more rational now – but there’s residual ‘piles’ in the living room. About almost 6 hours later I couldn’t take anymore attempts at ‘reorganizing’.

I think all the maneuvering got to me since my muscles are sore like the time I thought to do yoga for two hours. I’m currently exhausted and moody. For dinner, I ate .82Lbs of beef and a green pepper. I generally dislike beef, but today I was willing to eat ANYTHING except yesterday’s dinner – which I NEED to flush down the toilet. I got the crazy idea to make butternut & ginger soup, except somewhere in my culinary travels from fridge, cupboard and stove into the pot went; Garam Masala, Curry powder, 3 cloves of garlic, one onion, a small frozen box of butternut squash, 3 slivers of dehydrated ginger, one can of chicken stock. Think that sounds OK? I didn’t think it was good enough so into the pot also went some Sushi rice, and Lentils. I tasted it and it was STILL missing something; In goes 1 heaping tablespoon of red chilli humus and TWO slices of American cheese.

Are you grossed out yet? I ate this concoction for 1 and 1/2 meals. Culinary Bear had swapped places with MAD SCIENTIST BEAR that night; something about that particular dish – it hasn’t left my system, EVERYTIMEISWALLOWITASTEIT! I just got the idea to fast tomorrow since all that is left in the fridge is a block of tofu (a month old), 2 1/2 week old Okra and Spinach (uncooked), half a head of cabbage and two containers of hummus – eggplant flavor (yuck) and red chili. Oh and some cheddar…I’m drooling. OH GOOD GRIEF! I am not looking forward to dinner with Auntie & CO. She is bringing the food (Her own children wont eat her cooking). Hmm there are also two apples…

I just whimpered.

This is sad; I am sad!
I’m not such a bad cook! Its only when I’m dieting food turns funny!

I wonder if its possible to live off of microwaved Sweet Potatoes and Oatmeal. No – not enough vitamins.

Excuse me while I cry, my mouth taste faintly of dish detergent.

– Bad touch Bear


3 thoughts on “Sunset 01

  1. Its a beautiful picture ! just make sure not to be harsh on your health 😉 I did give some quick recipes for okra last time but with 2 week old,I am not sure if they are good condition.. 😉


    • I tossed that Okra along with two turnips and a lemon that was growing green fuzz. I saw the quick recipes but in the end I can only eat Okra with saltedfish. I’m sure fried would have worked but I don’t use excessive amounts of oil. When food is cooked the nutrients can become depleted depending on the method of cooking. This is why people can eat fried green beans (like French fries), covered in breadcrumbs; its no longer healthy.


      • Ofcourse taste varies from person to person.Fried things though taste better but somehow I too can’t stand the smell of fried items,one bite and it feels as if I am eaten too much…turnips give similar flavor as onion,I think.. 😉

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