Shooting down dreams


Sometimes I’m impressed upon pretty easily; this happens when I’m not being artistic(ally spiteful) or feeling emotional. I’ll check out others blogs, or browse art on Deviant art – I want to share today how I try to be positive but in the end I turn critic and negative.


When I saw it last night I said to myself, I would buy this as a framed piece of work if I had a place to hang it! Then I slept on that. I woke up and said only if it was a small 6 x 8. The contrast and composition is good. The framing of the photo (Not frame like a boarder) I would have been more tight with; but since there is a slight highlight on the concrete, it helps my eye do a full sweep. Editing wise I wouldn’t have let the white buildings (background) turn grey- I don’t know what processes she used to edit this piece but I have to question the faded look. Why did I start thinking like this? Coming across a tricycle and getting good lighting while outside isn’t every day. I loved her whole blog last night.

{Favorite Original here}


 ‘…He said,”Ma(girls of any age are adoringly called that),I don’t need any money,please give me anything you have to eat,I am hungry and I need some food.” …’

Go to her blog and read the full story, not just the excerpt – It was a well written piece and I have no gripe.

{Read full story here}


Folded book artAlthough seeing this defacing of a book did make me ‘Smile’ I would in no way spend 90+ dollars for this item or similar @ this person’s Etsy. Perhaps this is me being spiteful – or maybe its because I want to try doing this myself?

{See entry here}


Featured Image

I like the installation art – anything with lighty-bits and umbrellas has my attention. The angle at which the photo was taken, didn’t do justice since my eye isn’t drawn to the couple hugging but butt cheek of pinkcoat+tanpants.

Butt butt but bottom buttocks. Oh I’m getting cranky!

{Original post}

Now after a while I was becoming spiteful I guess. This is the best word at the moment I could think of using while looking under the Art tag. My eyes don’t need to be assaulted by people in bathtubs and poorly written words. Am I a snob? Possibly, I went to art college (SVA). Instead of assaulting these people and engaging in troll like behavior; I looked to google images to refresh my pallet.

Enjoy the photo dump; I didn’t catch the artists behind these works but I would like to thank them for putting the twinkle back in my eye.



Mist%2001 Art Tuesdays: Installation Art

Thanks for looking,

– Bad touch Bear


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