The Sims 4 Penis Mod


Thanks Cmar for my daily giant facepalm.

Perhaps I am too immature, I feel uncomfortable seeing x-rated scenes in movies. Sometimes even kissing makes me red in the face – but this one? I don’t have a mirror on hand to see how many different expressions just occurred.

I DO have installed the censor removal by moxiemason. I’ve not played a male Sim to know if when they piss it looks accurate- but I saw at the gym one naked and nothing was there. Just a disappointed bald spot. I actually had to pause the game and zoom in to double check this.

ANYWAY I could post a photo of what this mod makes your male Sims look like but NO. I’m feeling awkward – I’m also not DLing it. There are way too many mods floating around because of the lack of customization in CAS. I’m personally tempted to try my hand at custom content creation but because of this mod – I think i’ll sit back a month or two and see what others create.

{Link for anatomically correct male Sims}

I was thinking to chronicle some of my Sims 4 adventures and write a review but I am so amazingly lazy. I REALLY should be reading ‘The Dead’ by Charlie Higson but I am unfortunately AMAZINGLY LAZY.

Someone feel like reading to me?

-Bad touch Bear


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