Color *Therapy


I know its oddly vain to say this, but you male counterparts of this species; I feel bad, you would be looked upon as odd if you painted your nails. Painting and having a manicure done are slightly different by the way. (To any male readers all I can say is, CUTICLES – THEY HURT! Take that sentence as you wish.) Its not that I am the sort who goes for manicures/pedicures; to be honest the last time I recall being IN a salon would be around sixteen? I don’t even think I had my nails done; I greatly dislike those wooden sticks used. Besides I can spend that 30 dollars on 2 and 1/2 bottles of middle market polish.

Why am I talking about polish again? I LOVE color. Simply glancing at my delicately painted digits of turquoise makes me smile. Sure I could just surround myself with beautiful pictures and paintings of nature, have colorful throws and plump patterned pillows yet…The space in which I live I do not own. I cannot ‘put my mark’ on the walls – which ARE white. Everything is either white – dirty white – tan – dirty tan – brown – brown – yellow and EUGH! This makes me depressed; the walls are slightly dingy. If this was like an ‘Italian living room white’ maybe I would be…No. I would be a mess- Seriously who invented white rugs?!

I was going somewhere with this entry. I WANTED to talk about *Therapy but I got off track and I don’t know how to get back.

Heh. Sausage nipples; men with hair on their nipples is also slightly a turn off.

Oh well here is a list of colors/pictures I would like to own in nail polish form. (Its my blog I don’t care how empty headed I sound at the moment, sometimes its healthy to get this out of my system so I DON’T go out and buy a shitload of polish.)

If I could make nail polish... by EdibleShoes


OPI Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm? from Fall 2014 Nordic via @AllLacqueredUp

Orly Beach Cruiser




        ‘(` > M <;; ´)’


                 I need to be taken out back either ****** or shot.

– Bad touch bear


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