Echo Dark, Wet n Wild review




Thanks to yesterday’s researching efforts I was feeling wistful since there are some colors I lack in my nail polish draw; Navy being one of them. Somehow I found myself outside 0.7 miles away from my safe spot on the couch at Walgreens. To be honest, I was plotting to buy a second copy of this metallic purple from Wet n Wild to mix with another polish. Of course something I bought last year wouldn’t be there so I was stuck with either ‘Leave empty handed’ or ‘Browse’. Like a Idiot I browsed; my end total was 27.14 spent (I had to refill my medicine cabinet). Heh you can see some of my grubby prints on that bottle.

I won’t be posting Images of my own nails for this entry, I just put on Gumdrop by Orly two days ago and I’m not removing it. Instead enjoy ones I swiped from another’s blog. Lace and Lacquers – You can read her review, while she LOVED it I have mixed feelings.

First lets talk about the bottle. I instinctively picked this color VS three other navy options at Walgreens because of the slightly rubbery handle for the brush. Little did I know the formula dries ‘matte’… Can I be honest? No – this isn’t Matte in my book, it has the same consistency of a waxy Crayola crayon. While I feel this way and it leaves me miffed, I CAN’T stop touching my big toe now. I painted only one nail, and that would be my big toe.

Pressure testing; that is what I call it when I prod the polish while drying and when finished drying. Endurance wise, if you touch it while still wet it didn’t retain any finger printing BUT when it was dry past the 10 min mark I stabbed it with my nail and it retained the ‘cut’. I believe this is due to the finish of the formula.

Application was very good – I used two coats on my big toe, a third would have helped cause there was balding spots. It doesn’t self level like Orly would where it covers up spots but weight wise the formula is thin. I have used this brand since I was a preteenager; my first polish was ‘very berry’ a clear tinted pink that to this day still smells like berries! I keep looking at my big toe and touching it – I’m trying to work out the pro’s and cons of keeping this color.

Pros: Only cost 1.99 @ Walgreens. Nail polish finish is ‘different’.
Cons:  ‘Sharp’ indents can affect this polish VS others due to waxy finish. While it is true to being a Navy, personally it is not vibrant enough. After one hour of wear, stained nail. This polish needs a base coat.

It all boils down to am I going to go BACK OUTSIDE to return it or save it. For 1.99 I’ve gone back and returned; but I’m on the fence about this color. Maybe in 2-5 years from now I’ll love it.

I need to sleep on this.

-Bad touch Bear




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