A sunset retouch


    ⊂–‘(` . A. ´)’;;–⊃

My computer just told me whose boss by force quitting my browser. A loss of words is OK – VS last night when playing Sims 4 the computer said, ‘Screw you, Imma shut this party down.’ I’m not going to get angry over a game. At least it didn’t force quit Photoshop.

Featured Image

Sunset retouch by EdibleShoes

Somewhere she mentioned it would be nice to see this picture without the line dissecting the sunset. I have skills that are rusting so I did a quick job of editing out the line. Along the way I also screwed up the edited version’s color profile – stupid fingers. I remember the short cuts for Mac, not PC so I ended up doing all sorts of things before I realized what I did – I can tell the difference color wise and editing out but for 15 minutes; I don’t think its a bad job. For the original entry where this photo came from {Click here}


o–‘(`⋅ u ⋅´)’–o


-Bad touch bear


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