Color me dull


I’m never really INTO trendsetting fashion or keeping color coordinated on a seasonal level; but I always love looking. The past week I would find myself glancing over the photos from top designers in the News paper; it seems oversized clothing is fashionable from a couple designers. I’m all for the hidden curve and mysterious but – fashion for fatties – C’mon, If I follow that trend I’ll look like a oversized pillowcase. I once bought a over sized long ‘tunic’ – I thought it looked OK until I saw a picture of myself. Mneh, lets stick to something I can tolerate.


♥ Nails

2014’s Spring colors really disappointed me – Purples were IN but they were majorly muted like Pastels. Seems like Autumn’s color choices are also Pastels and Darker almost military shades. From China Glaze, Essie, Julep, Opi, Orly and Sally Hansen; I only found two colors I would buy – but at 8+ USD a bottle, I’ll reconsider.

OPI Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm? from Fall 2014 Nordic via @AllLacqueredUp OPI My Dogsled Is A Hybrid from Fall 2014 Nordic via @AllLacqueredUp

OPI Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm? & OPI My Dogsled Is A Hybrid 

You can read a review of the polishes and their consistency here –> Opi Nordic Review @ All Lacquered Up

Instead of going nutty and buying new, I just decided to pop on Gumdrop by Orly. It is NOT a dupe for OPI’s Dogsled because this shade of Orly has a grey base while OPI’s shade is more blue/green. When I wear this color I think of so many things but mostly Green medical scrubs. It goes on smooth, self levels and only needs two coats. In different lighting it can look dull or almost close to Tiffany Jewelers blue.

20140917 122946b by EdibleShoes20140917 122939a by EdibleShoes

My hands look so wrinkly and old! Oh – surprised? I uploaded photos from a secondary DA account; i’ll be using that site to hotlink instead of uploading them here. I had forgotten about the account actually; I have to clean up the deviations in the main gallery at some point. One step at a time!

Other nail polishes I am stalking for dupes without success:


This year was about purple – I want to buy a nice purple! I have FIVE shades I can consider sky blue but no purples that are blue/purple and intense. ‘Butler please’ by Essie and ‘Pacific blue’ by Sally Hansen do not qualify purple enough. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has! (Especially cheap suggestions).

– Bad touch Bear



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