Bnooo -Noo’s and Mwooo’s


I’m woken up (if lucky) at a sensible time of 5 AM; I am more active VS being woken at 2 – 4:45 AM.

If Bear, who has no concept of time is feeling irrational – this is most of the time – He might start his morning chorus of DISTRAUGHT KITTY WANTS YUMYUMS or DESTRUCTOR HAS ARRIVED. Today I was lucky?

I’m questioning this luck mostly because I recently made a promise to myself – my palms are a bit raw and I think I was visited by mosquitoes. What was the promise? ‘To take better care of myself?’, ‘To stick to a diet?’, ‘To be consistent and take vitamins and prescriptions every day?’, ‘To do my chores when told, not when I feel like it at maybe 8pm or a half week later?’ – No.

‘To witness 50 amazing sunrises or sunsets before the end of Winter’ Since its already close to Autumn (it begins on the 23rd) I already missed most of the year to begin this ‘New Years resolution’ This year I started a couple before the Jewish new year. (Rosh Hashanah is coming up soon)

I’m itchy and – Yup I was bitten on my cheek and leg. The sunrise was also disappointing this morning. Why couldn’t the cat wake me up at a reasonable time of lets say, 9 AM? I believe I can be amazingly friendly and outgoing if I was allowed to wake up when most of this state was already out of my way at wherever they needed to be doing whatever they’re suppose to be doing – ARG! IT FRIGGIN ITCHES! My kneecap too?!

I just opened the screen and kept sticking my head out to get a couple shots with the camera. I should have known better when I saw the first mosquito on a leaf near the window!


I simply cannot finish this entry on civil terms! I feel like bugs are crawling ALL OVER!

Itchily yours,

-Bad touch-y bear


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