George’s Marvelous Medicine


I’m angry.

The Ob gyn called with my test results and just told me things I already knew; I should be taking Iron supplements and that my testosterone is slightly elevated.

No shit Sherlock! I not only went to 2 MD’s, a Derm and a Endocrinologist; I also had blood taken at your facilities to check my testosterone. The ONLY person who proved my theory true was the Endocrinologist. Why is this making me irate?

Cause they went to medical college and are UNABLE TO READ BLOOD RESULTS! At this point I remind myself to take a deep breath once, then again – and do slow count of twenty. Lean back in my seat, roll my head and neck, then shoulders. Listen, try to focus on the tree outside and how the wind is rustling the leaves.

I ♥ Autumn.
I’m STILL angry. Lets back-track. “Come hell or High Water” By Bardsley, Michele. I was reading that in January. It was the 27th I went to the Endocrinologist to clarify -medically- why I am loosing my hair. Its not hereditary; my father always had nice hair until his late 40’s when it started to thin; my mother? I cant remember honestly – thin hair strands but she dyed her hair and did highlights. I wasn’t as observant as now; I didn’t go up to my parents and say ‘Hey let me inspect your scalp, is there thinning here? Does the light bounce off – OH?’. They are dead now so I can’t watch them age and log what changes I might go through.

This issue started in 2010? 2011? 2012 I had noticed considerable thinning of hair in the crown region. If I wasn’t for working on weight loss then – wait no this was before the costly gym membership. I noticed this when I started Sensa and then Herbalife ( two fad diets that amounted to weight gain and food sensitivities in 2009? ). I questioned if it was my dietary habits, if it was the hair style I preferred. I questioned my sanity and wondered if I am vain. I considered if it was the strain of having extremely long hair or the emotional stress of loss. I self diagnosed and tested loads of theories, changed my diet, cut my hair, considered *Therapy. Bumpkis. Nothing I tried without medical intervention helped. Perhaps the shock of my mothers death in 2008 and constant grieving?

I know weight loss can trigger hair loss; but I haven’t lost a drastic amount of weight in the past – in fact I’ve gained! I checked my thyroid and the levels were normal. I tried Rogaine for women for 6 months strait and nothing. A dead end.

So the Endocrinologist suggested birth control since it contains small doses of estrogen in January. Just recently the Derm that I’ve been using suggested a drug used for ovarian cysts – a noted side effect is hair growth. Wait. Back up, I was on birth control for a month or two? Three? When I was 24? No I was 23? I went four months without a period. I stopped using pills because it gave me horrible acne. Overweight = blood clots? Death? Hello hypochondriac. A new lead as I’m writing this; a new question to ask myself. Does going on birth control effect estrogen and testosterone production – to where you go off of it, coupled with weight, Would a person be able to regain normal estrogen levels years later? Or is it as I feared, something bad is growing inside that I cant self diagnose. Is it simply emotional strain? Genetics? Something to do with the 2 and 1/2 week period? AHH I JUST WANTED TO DO A ENTRY ON A CHILDRENS BOOK! HOW DID I END UP HERE?

Should I even resume reading “George’s Marvelous Medicine” by Dahl?

No. As a child I didn’t read it; and 38 pages into it the main character has not only poisoned his grandmother with antifreeze, soap detergent, paint – shoe polish-OHTHEKITCHENSINK. That kid needs a good smack! If this was read to a small child just think of the possible manslaughter! Uuu…I’ll finish reading it later. I think I need to go play in the bathroom a bit; turn the faucet on and make bubbles, dig in the litter box and NO.

Half a hour later I researched my question, finished the book, ate some lemon curd and pestered the cat. I feel better – what an amazingly stupid book.

I also want to shave all my hair off and wear a wig.

There is no cure – I hate medicine, side effects and jaded doctors,

-Bad touch Bear


One thought on “George’s Marvelous Medicine

  1. I read we inherit our mother’s “hair” – but I don’t see how this can be true. My mum had a full head of thick hair – I have always had very thin hair and hardly any of it – a third of my sister’s! I hide this by having short hair and blow-drying. Most of my hair is actually “air”! Shock can result in the hair follicles dying. You won’t notice at once, but after a few months, when new hair starts to grow, the dead hair falls out – then you think you are going bald. I think you should wear a purple wig! Embrace La Difference! 🙂


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