Doctor and Diet



That is how I feel right now. Whenever normal TV is on I actually become another person; Cranky and slightly volatile. Unless it is a cartoon, documentary or Sci fi; my attention span varies.

Why? This is because I simply cannot think over the commercials. Advertisers love mind games. From food stylists, catchy jingles and then simply raising the volume when the commercials come on. OMFGIWANNASMASHTHETV! MYBRAINCELLS! There was just a commercial for ‘Beats’ headphones – all I absorbed from the commercial was ‘TITSTITSPINKLIPSBOOMBOOM’.

Generally whenever I control the TV (Almost never), its a on demand title or the news. I pay for cable yet I have Hulu. Wasteful – yes, but you tell me where I can watch ‘Lost in Space’? Not everyday I enjoy crawling through the internet for entertainment. I’m currently re-watching .hack//SIGN, and finishing up ‘Who are you’ by Dramafever. I can tolerate Asian dramas but not American – Why is that?

I missed the latest episode of Doctor Who so I’m fighting to stay awake. The OP for the new season; I don’t like the beginning. The cog wheels – The roman number sequence swirl, from a graphic standpoint there is no texture – I think it should have no metallic use of color, also have a opaque of 30% on the swirl; otherwise its ugly. As for Capaldi’s acting, he reminds me of Baker; I liked Mr. ‘Jellie Babies’. I love his accent and the gritty uncertainty he brings as this Doctor; something about him though doesn’t seem full circle except for he harbors the same hatreds and traits of previous doctors. From the title you didn’t think I was dealing with a REAL doctor did you?

I still have the period from hell mentioned in a previous entry. I’m anxious and uncertain; Its almost three weeks. IF I had sex I could say a miscarriage but I haven’t been involved with someone like that in more than two years.
A miscarriage of Satan’s child. If I die, I’m leaving all my worldly goods to my cat – Bear.


6:40 AM
2 Slices of Corn thins, 46 Cal. 1 Slice AM cheese, 70 Cal. 3 slivers of ginger in hot lemon water, 10 Cal?

9:40 AM
1/2 Cucumber. 2 Large hard boiled eggs, 156 Cal. Hot pickled peppers, 10 Cal. 1 Slice of bread, 40 Cal. Assortment of vitamins, 60 Cal.


The internet says a serving is under 300 Cal. I honestly don’t believe this because of the brown rice that accompanied it and Chop Suey with pork has corn starch in it. So my end of day tally could be around 1200 to 1700.

‘I’d like to eat more please, then a nap and later a nice poop.’ Baby sign language from a Meet the Fockers movie. Its on, and its pissing me off by its stupid humor.

Ugh. Sims 4 also came out…*Siiiigh*
Last game I purchased was Soul Sacrifice Delta, the deluxe edition. After I had beat the first of the series something about how the import of saved data turned me off so I spent 40 dollars and never played the game. I actually buried my Vita in a box because of Terraria eating up all my time.

If I disappear for a couple days – I succumbed to temptation.

Who doesn’t like playing God?

– Bad touch Bear

P.S. Sorry there is no format on this entry – I did say in my first post ever some entries would be of the ‘Dear diary’ sort.


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