Good grief!


Window’s 8.1 took too long to put on its makeup this morning, I finally upgraded from windows 7 to this newest monstrosity. I wonder what tracking tick’s Microsoft installed. ANYWAY – I’ve completely lost the momentum for today’s entry. Watching VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ – Mike and Candace. My commentary on this episode is one of the female date-ee’s is really a Lemming waiting for Sunday.

What is it with this show that I like? Episode 3 had a unsavory girl from Queens. I’m originally from Queens – I felt insulted watching her. This episode, number 5, I got a good look into why there was a big deal over lead in paint. Her parent’s must have used more than two coats of paint for her nursery.

I’d also like to thank the people who have been ‘liking’ my entries and a ‘Hello!’ to any new readers – Nudity on TV, I also can’t wait to watch Naked and Afraid on Discovery. What have you guys been watching?


2 thoughts on “Good grief!

    • Crossword puzzles I recall stave off brain disease by boosting long term mental performance – but you also have to understand the references.
      Number 30 across; Pink lady ingredient- three letters.
      Its cheating if I use the internet!

      Hmm – I know next to nothing about SA. Top keywords I recall is Pistorus, Colonies, and fast runners.

      I’m sure South Africa is just so beautiful there is no need for television.


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