Commentary on the News for Sept, 5th

Sept 23 Oct 22
Make sure to be concise when you discuss work issues. When its about money, who pays for what should be in writing, so everyone knows their obligations. When you are in a hurry, misunderstandings can occur and may cause rifts between people, all because of an avoidable oversight.
The ‘Facebook diet’ by Jeanette Settembre
Unflattering online pics spur action.

If you read this article, it makes me wonder the objective and audience. Obviously Facebook users; but those of us who ARE obese and know it, can you say you’re like Ms. Shaw in west village who ‘Saw that picture and said “…maybe I shouldn’t have had that  bottle of wine”? Or Fiore, a nursing student who’s favorite haunt is late night McDonalds and guzzling Four Loko? I don’t belong to those categories. You wont see me at a fast food joint nor indulging luxuriously.  I actually am not a active user of FB, nor do I have people to point out ‘Hun, you’re lookin fat today. How about you and I go on a diet together?’ Social media, you’ve failed me. Those women look at those photos and feel ashamed – That article highlighted women of a certain background. How oblivious are they to what they put in their bodies? Do they really love themselves? When a picture is taken of me, it is used as a reference to what is BIG vs what is Small; honestly I don’t feel shame because you’re opinions amount to a pile of crap. Auntie you can keep on chuckling secretly; Its behavior like that which made you a good candidate for mind drugs, which you admitted you’re on. This is probably also why your daughter is a rice-atarian; she is trying to live up to pre-hysterectomy size 0 you.
[Link to article]

His verse love by Eli Rosenberg 
97-year-old pens poetry to honor first wife.

What about that 15 year second wife? Poor woman; that was my first though. Leon Zuckrow is still sending his love for his first wife, Naomi, who passed away 50 years ago. Now that’s sweet, sad, but sweet. “Instead of seeing a psychiatrist, I wrote poetry.” Smart man! Writing poetry is a great medicine, allowing exploration of emotions and it helps constructively work through grief in this case. If its in the Brooklyn public library, “Love & Death & Love” I might skim through it. “Snow and rainbow/They come and go. Not so love/Oh no not so.” {More info click here}

Would it seem weird if I wrote a book of poetry on my Second Ex boyfriend? *Sigh*


Oh Joan! You were one ballsy lady!

When I think of women activists, liberals and loud voices that drove me bonkers – I think of you. I can only make a couple small quotes from the news paper that highlight your humor. I’m sure there is a 1/16th sized doll being made right now as a tribute to you. She comes with a flowing wardrobe, credit cards, catty eye makeup and bulky jewelry.

“I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.”

“When I was 21 my mother said Only a doctor for you. When I was 22 alright a lawyer, a CPA. When 24 we’ll grab a dentist. When 26 – ANYTHING! If he could make it to the door he was mine. ‘What do you mean you don’t like him! He is intelligent- he found the bell himself!'”

“Oh the Vanna White diet, only eat what you can spell.”

She made loads of jokes about things I honestly didn’t get as a child. I even learned plastic surgery for a Vagina was possible thanks to her. Oh Joan! I hope if there is a Heaven, you’re comfortable. I cant wait to see how her funeral pans out- She left one hell of a request!

For her funeral request click here.
For a couple jokes of hers click here.

There was also a small article on Occult butchery probe – involving black magic of an African-Carribean religion -Santeria. Ugh; I have no commentary on this except – YUCK. Above that article was a story about a dad who sat in his office sexting with multiple women, one a under age girl. Then leaving his toddler inside his sweltering car; the child died. …


-Bad touch Bear



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