Save the Queen! (Honey bees that is)


Protect America’s Honeybees

I am Re-posting this from another website, If you wish to sign this petition click here. When I get around to it I would like to write a entry on my love of all things Honey, but since I am ‘me’. That’ll have to wait till I’m more in the mood to write a informative essay.

1,728 of 2,500

people have signed – see totals by state and Congressional District.


Our nation’s number one food security guard, the honeybee, is dying by the thousands. In recent years, nearly one third of commercial bee colonies in the U.S. have been dying over the winter. And in Oregon last summer roughly 50,000 bumblebees dropped dead after being exposed to a pesticide sprayed on trees for purely aesthetic purposes. The situation is so bad that people have started to dub it the “Bee-pocalypse”

One third of the food produced in North America, including nearly 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables like apples, pumpkins, cranberries, and avocados, rely on honeybees for pollination — we can’t afford to lose them. Luckily, Congress can do something about it — pass a bill (H.R. 2692) to protect our honeybees by temporarily banning certain pesticides. But they will only do it if we speak out now.


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