Baby went for walkies.


I’m up to no good again.

28.00 USD – Bamboo tea, bought sometime around 1 AM

4.00 USD – Packaging tape, teeny tiny claw like hair clips, small bottle set that includes one spray and two caps.

5.00 USD – Sea foam green satin like material, quantity 1 yard.

I’m really bad; the outside world is BAD.

It is full of temptations and EVERYTIME I go for a ‘walk’ there needs to be a end goal and the end goal USUALLY involves spending money. August, September and November are my bad months. I spend more money in those months thanks to internet shopping.

Oh the internet again you ask? That’s not physical exercise!

No its mental. IM MENTAL!

If I was smart I would delete paypal, delete my eBay, cut up my two credit cards and rely on cash. I can’t buy any graphic shirts if I do that! I wont be able to drink my favorite Oolong tea from Taiwan – Or the Green Rooibos from Africa!  I cant throw my money down the drain!

Reaper 9

The above graphic comes as a shirt too.
List of things I SHOULD be doing:
  • Scanning photos for ‘family tree’ project
  • READING book ‘The dead’ by Charlie Higson (Its been sitting for 4 months now)
  • Gather information from Grandmother of biological history / backstory of immigration
  • Washing new fabric and sewing into new night cap
  • Finish clay sculpture that has been sitting for two weeks or just smash it
  • Thinking about a proper entry to post on this blog
  • JOB hunting <- Most stressful and MOST prolonged thing on my list.
  • Exercise for more than 30 minutes and make a plan for Dieting.

List of things I will probably do instead:

  • Play in the bathroom. ( Yes, for me that is possible even at my age )
  • Write a couple more spammy entries on this blog of things I want or something I found interesting. ( IM SORRY READERS BUT IF I DONT POST IT HERE I’LL FORGET ABOUT IT )
  • Squirm about and do some half assed squats, no more than 10, while waiting for microwave to chime my tea is done.
  • Read other people’s blogs and talk out of my ass
  • Terrorize the cats ( This must be done ASAP! )
  • Watch some old cartoons on the internet

I’ll be back to terrorize you too dear readers!

-BAD touch bear


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