And now for something funny…

Occasionally I’ll have questions, with no one around who is smart enough to answer me; I look to Google. Today’s googled question was, ‘What do flowers on Cacti look like?’ I honestly DO know thanks to so many years of watching PBS and Nature as a kid. But I also wanted to know WHY sellers felt obligated to hot glue straw colored flowers on these spine-y plants. Instead I got distracted and felt like sharing.


I found these photos via Laughing Squid of a Bobcat sitting on top of a 40 foot tall cactus
Nature photographer Curt Fonger took this photo in the Arizona desert. The bobcat was apparently seeking refuge from a nearby mountain lion.
The bobcat in the photo reminded me of my own Bobcats, so I put together a quick little comic explaining the situation.

Cute huh? I somehow ended up looking over things on this site for TWO hours. Bravo Matthew Inman! I decided I needed to share MORE of his works – but I dislike hotlinking from someone’s site. Here’s one more – you’ll have to click on this one to read the full story. OR you can just visit

All art in this post belongs to, Matthew Inman. I do not claim ownership.

-Bad touch Bear

Today, illustrated


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