Live tiles – I hate you.

I wanted to do a quick post of things I’ve been admiring, on one particular site, Light in the Box. I didn’t know the browser only allows 10 tabs open – yet why on desktop’s version I can open more? I couldn’t even figure out how to access the internet history…I feel incompetent and want to smash something!

Warning this post includes more  than 5 Images.

If you’re abstaining from indulgence Oxytocin, I’ve failed you.

Seriously dear readers, run away before I temp you into financial ruin.

ANYWAY here’s some crap I’ve been looking at – Labor day is a good time to pick up fashion clearances or buy a new car. Sellers want to get rid of Summer goods for Autumn. There are LOADS of other things on this site I occasionally stalk; from clothing to kitchen. Only issue is they are in China; shipments aren’t ‘Free shipping’ unless you spend around 100 USD and time from China to NY is around 13 to 20 days.

Under 5 USD

Comes in plenty of colors with diffrent faces. A cheap coin purse under 5 dollars!

Under 15 USD

Comes in 4 color prints

Under 30

http://www.lightinthebox.com/women-vintage-100-genuine-leather-seawater-pattern-zipper-around-long-purse_p1055503.html (This is a link for a wallet with some intense embossing. It looks like a quality piece but I couldn’t snag a photo to hyperlink.)


I own this one already, but if you consider it - the cut out doll will shred.

Under 40


Over 40


Ooh delicious eye candy – How I wish I could buy loads of things, yet in reality I actually only own two bags AND a messenger bag dating back from when I was THIRTEEN! I’m tight on space since I live in a one bedroom apartment WITH my Grandmother. She gets priority over space since I came to live with her. I wouldn’t even be looking at bags right now, I honestly was looking for a good pair of running/training sneakers! (20 dollar sneakers from Costco = ♥) I should also mention to any bargain hunters…No, NO! I am not promoting these sites. You can shop online for yourselves! BTW DC shoes is doing a 30% off, The mountain shirts is doing 15% off (That shirt site NEVER has discounts I feel.) Shirt.Woot has THIS GLOW IN THE DARK SHIRT FOR SALE!



I feel queasy and guilty.


Pray for my bank account – its been molested.

-BAD touch Bear


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