I live in memories


Occasionally I kick myself.

When I had to clean out my childhood home, preparing it to sell, I threw out A LOT of useful things. Like my mother’s sewing box; granted it was covered in cats piss along with childhood movies, Barbies, a useful end table. Ultimately those things could have been salvaged- ‘cept I was caught up in the moment and it felt good to purge…Not to mention I had no more room in my storage unit (which I sadly still am paying monthly for.)

I guess when a big change happens, like selling a house – its common to throw out things without full consideration.

This was two years ago?

Or was it three?

Regardless –  right now I feel stagnant; there’s a really nice breeze blowing in Brooklyn, actually its a strong breeze that managed to blow a cantaloupe off the window sill!

Good thing Grandma bought two. (One to eat and one that will sit in the fridge and grow mold. I wish I took a picture, the other day I threw out a can of beets from 2009!)

So I’m sitting here grateful for Youtube and watching ‘The tale of the Great bunny picnic’ Where the hell did the word Picnic originate from? Such an annoying word to spell. Like Awkward. I am a very Awkward person. Awkward walk, Awkward noises-warkwarwark- Anteater.

I didn’t know I actually watched Jim Henson works when I was little! Well besides the Muppets…and Sesame Street. Who would of thought Sesame Street would be bought by China? Don’t they also have Disney and DC comics? StarWars franchise? Or was it Marvel? I feel like this is Monopoly.

(I could play some Monopoly…Now to imagine up some other people to play it with.)

Hmm.. Standard Chinese (Mandarin) is the second most spoken language – A Snapple cap told me this; I thought it would have been Spanish. They control a lot of our imports – though I guess Id have to say I prefer Indonesian products.  (-A- ;;)…Dammit I was going somewhere with this post! Now all I can think about is this cute orange knit from Indonesia that I haven’t worn in about four years because its so delicate and peanuts. Pachyderms? Tagalong? And now Girl Scouts – I wouldn’t mind playing word Associations with anyone right now either. I bet they would end up stumped over my Come and Go brain processes and slightly off attention span.

HUZZAH none of you fools know me so its all cool if I seem strange. Should have named this Blog ‘Strange brain says’ …Hmm..Mneh. I haven’t plugged into Facebook and refuse to. I don’t own a Flickr, twitter, twimblytwombly, intagarbage swaparoo- any of those other sites except a Deviant art account. I won’t share the link sadly since I’m enjoying typing whatever I want and here I can speak freely about people I don’t like; although Blogs I doubt should turn into a bitter and vengeful Dear Diary – You don’t care do you?

I don’t think anyone is reading this anyway but for the sake of being proper I will obviously give them Awkward names.

Links below are for the movie I mentioned about – before I began rambling.




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